Tools To Create Social Media Videos

Tools To Create Social Media Videos

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From the starting point of being an individual to becoming an influencer in the world of social media is creating a unique content to attract followers always plays a crucial role. Now people/followers prefer to visual the content rather than reading it. To help you in narrating your story more creatively, we present you some tools that can assist to generate appealing videos, images, and gifs.

Tools to Create Social Media Videos


Lumen5 turns your blogs posts into engaging videos. The platform offers an integrated media library containing millions of copyright-free photos, audio tracks, and videos. This platform can be used by anyone without training or experience to easily create engaging video content within minutes. For Digital Marketing Company Check Vivid Digital  

In Lumen5 allows the user to easily create the videos just by entering the URL of the blog posts, highlight the content and finally drag & drop the media files for every scene.

Pricing: It is offered in two versions, free and pro.

In Free Version, you can

A. Create unlimited videos

B. Millions of free media files

C. Add your own logo & colors

D. 480p SD video resolution

E. Subtle Lumen5 icon in credits Pro Version costs 49$/month

F. Create unlimited videos

G. Millions of free media files

H. Add your own logo & colors

I. 1080p HD video resolution

J. No Lumen5 icon in credits

BIGVU Teleprompter

This tool provides an in-app teleprompter that scrolls text on their smartphone screen where the presenter can adjust the reading speed so that user can read the script with ease. They can record presentations as if they were in a professional television studio by just extending your mobile with the desktop app.

First, you need to draft script and transfer it to your smartphone via dropbox or google drive. If you want to record your video horizontally, hold your smartphone horizontally before tapping the camera icon.There will be a five-second countdown once you tap the “REC” button and the recording will automatically stop once the script ends.

Pricing: Free, $8.99 per month, or $49.99 per year


Animaker is the perfect tool to keep up with the growing demand of visual marketing. This tool helps to create animated videos easily with a simple click and drag. Animaker makes 40 templates for the user to create an animated video. For more details click SEO Agency London.

Pricing: Animaker presents you four different subscription plans.

A. Free Subscription Plan

B. Personal Subscription Plan: $9 / Mo billed annually ($12 / billed Monthly)

C. Startup Subscription Plan: $19 / Mo billed annually ($25 / billed Monthly )

D. Business Subscription Plan: $39 / Mo billed annually ($49 / billed Monthly)


It helps to showcase your designs in the beautiful, realistic environments. All you need is to give a screenshot or URL and we’ll generate high-quality product mockups. You have to include your preferred device, be it for iPhone mockups, iPad mockups or any device mockup you need. There is a huge variety of images which allows you to create your own unique marketing collateral.

Pricing: Free

Tools for creating Social Media Images


Typorama is helpful to create images, quotes, and stories. Choose a background or upload an image. Select your graphics size to add and edit the text. Finally, save or share it on social media. The easy to use features are :

A. Automatically creating complex design layouts

B. Professional photo filters, overlays and adjustment tools to polish photo backgrounds

C. Use the 3D text distortion, partial eraser, text shadows and color gradient tools to customize your design

D. 40 different typographic styles

E. Advanced crop options to generate the perfect size pictures for social media posts, wallpapers, posters, flyers, and postcards.

F. Add your brand logo to your pictures if you like and easily share your creation on popular social networks. For more info on SEO Services check

Pricing: Free

A. $4.99 to remove the watermark

B. $5.99 to unlock everything


It provides the user two simple ways to create images and quotes. One way is “Original “ where you tap the plus button, snap a base photo and layer your creativity on top of it.

The other way is “Remix”, tap the Remix button under any post to use its layers with your own base photo.

Price: Free


Stencil helps to create images, quotes, and stories to gain faster engagement for every post you generate with this tool. It has a library featuring

A. 1,200,000+ background photos

B. 100,000+ Quotes

C. 700,000+ Icons & Graphics

D. 70+ Amazing Templates

E. 2,100+ Google Web Fonts

F. 37+ custom sizes for all your needs

G. Upload & Store Multiple Logos

H. Upload your own fonts

I. Easy-to-use Chrome Extension

Pricing :

A. Free plan for the hobbyist

B. Pro plan for Image Master: $9 per month

C. Unlimited plan for $18 per month

Tools for creating Social Media GIFs is a free and easy to use short media editor with loads of available effects like allowing you to add many effects, such as captions, stickers, padding, and more, to your GIFs. The user can search/paste the URL for the video, then the machine learning algorithm of will find the best moments in the video and suggests six GIFs to you.


CloudApp is a video and image sharing platform used by professionals to capture and report bugs, document and explain features, offer better support, and sell more using visuals. It is a tool for grabbing a screenshot, recording a video of screen or yourself, or creating GIFs. It is used for creating Screenshots, videos, and GIFs

CloudApp has several keyboard shortcuts for quick access to its features.

A. Cmd + Shift + 5 (Alt + Shift + 5 on Windows) to take a screenshot

B. Cmd + Shift + 6 (Alt + Shift + 6 on Windows) to take a screen recording (in either GIF or HD)

C. Cmd + Shift + 8 (Alt + Shift + 8 on Windows) to record from your camera

GIPHY Capture

With GIPHY Capture, you can capture anything on your screen and turn it into a GIF, video, demo, etc. with just a few clicks. It is easy to use, edit, upload and share on your social networks. To record a GIF, simply change the size of the recording area according to your preference and hit the red record button.



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