Position Specifications–H-1B For Teachers

Position Specifications–H-1B For Teachers

H1B Sponsorship

The H-1B visa class is a viable option for primary, secondary or college teachers with the required knowledge and training. H-1B visa offers foreign professionals the ability to work temporarily in the United States as long as they hold specialty occupations. For an H-1B visa for teachers, the exact requirements and eligibility conditions are noted below. For Employment Visa Process Visit Orphosyscorp

Position Specifications–H-1B for Teachers

Based on the requirements outlined by the USCIS, in order to qualify the teacher must meet these conditions:

A. Hold a bachelor’s degree or higher for entry into the teaching position at the institution. A primary school teacher, for example, may not need the same level of degree as a college/university professor.

Again, this is not a one size fits all case so check with an attorney about H-1B for teachers in your district.

B. For foreign degrees, it must be the equivalent of a U.S. bachelor’s degree. Meaning that three full years of relevant experience is equivalent to one year of education toward a bachelor’s degree. Your degree may also be subject to evaluation.

C. Possess any required licenses or permissions to work within that educational sector. If the foreign worker has not procured the license prior to arriving in the country, they may have the ability to demonstrate that they meet all the conditions for licensing.

D. The educational institution or employer is required to submit an LCA from the Department of Labor. This is to guarantee that the foreign worker will be paid at minimum the wages paid to domestic workers with parallel qualifications/ experience and/or the prevailing wage in the geographic area.To know more details on H1B Visa check Changeonslapac

Also, the Labor Condition Application is to ensure that the by employing the foreign teacher, it will not negatively impact the conditions of U.S. teachers.

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