Land Rover Discovery Hatchback First Drive

Land Rover Discovery Hatchback First Drive


Land Rover Discovery Overview

When it comes to making SUVs that are capable of taking on almost any terrain, Land Rover is a brand that features on the top of that list. The new age Land Rovers might look radically different from the earlier gen models, however, they do carry the characteristic traits of being purpose built SUVs. The British brand recently added the fifth generation Discovery to its sprawling portfolio of SUVs. In addition to the all-new design and feature rich interiors, the new-gen Land Rover Discovery is built on the brand’s lightweight architecture that makes it more capable than ever before. We put all those claims to a test in our road test report.Check for Land Rover Discovery price in Chennai at Tryaldrive.

Land Rover Discovery Style

In terms of design, this current generation Discovery represents a massive departure from the Discoveries that have come before it. Gone is the boxy shape and angular lines, instead replaced with swoops and curves similar to what we’ve seen on the updated Range Rover. This, Land Rover says, yields a significantly reduced drag coefficient, making this Disco a lot more efficient compared to its predecessors. The square headlights have given way to sleek, wrap-around units, with LED DRL strips doubling as the front indicators. Horizontal, wrap-around tail lights have replaced the older vertical style, and the third-row side glass no longer blends into the roof glass.

While the split tailgate has given way to a more traditional single-piece flap, it has still managed to retain an offset number plate design like the Discovery 3 and 4. Overall, it doesn’t look as rugged as the previous models, and the design feels a bit ungainly from certain angles, especially when viewed from the rear three-quarters. But it does have great road presence thanks to its sheer size, and there’s no mistaking it for anything other than a Discovery, thanks to its tall stance and stepped roof.

Land Rover Discovery Space

The interior, however, is a happy mix of a full-on luxury car, and a rugged and serious off-roader. Stuff you touch and feel inside the cabin is beautifully executed, with many of the systems carried over from the Range Rover and Range Rover Sport; there’s loads of luxury and comfort here. The steering wheel feels special and the pop-out gear lever, high-quality leatherseats and the wide touchscreen add to the feel-good factor. But that feeling of overt opulence – with double-stitched leather and suede covering every surface as on a Range Rover – is just missing.And look closely. There are even are a few low-rent plastics here, the likes of which just don’t belong on a car of this price. Stuff like the Discovery Sport-like dials and the vents on the centre console look too simple, and the touchscreen, though nice and large, misses out on Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.For more details on Land Rover Discovery  check Tony-allen

What you do get, however, is a robustness and everyday practicality that attempt to deliver the best of both worlds. The cabin, for one, is immensely practical. You get two gloveboxes, massive door pockets and a deep storage box behind the gear selector in the central console. You can gain access to the big storage area under the cupholders by sliding them back. Also, lift up the elbow box, and you’ll find the mini fridge or coolbox. Even cooler is the fact that you can store valuables behind the air con controls; a velvet-lined storage area opening up behind.

The front seats are simply fabulous. Large and supportive, with plenty of head, shoulder and legroom, it keeps those seated here comfortable. The base is wide, the wide backrest is very supportive, and what’s nice is that the seats are both cooled and heated. And this is true of the seats on the second row as well. You are, however, sat a bit too low and visibility forward is poor due to the large headrests that incorporate screens. The third row is very usable though. Access is easy and once in the seat, comfort is actually quite good. Space is decent, the backrest is nicely inclined and passengers in the rear even get their own set of vents, above their heads. What enhances the driving experience, however, is the Meridian sound system. It offers an impeccably tuned and uncoloured ‘British sound’, strong amplification and speakers that offer a very high level of clarity.

Land Rover Discovery Gearbox

The Land Rover Discovery comes with a 3-litre turbo diesel that makes 260PS/600Nm. However, if you want more power, there is the 3-litre V6 supercharged petrol that makes 340PS at 6,500rpm and generates 450Nm at 3,500 – 5,000rpm. Both the units are mated to a ZF 8-speed automatic transmission. The Land Rover guys sent the petrol Disco’ for this test, and we weren’t complaining. Get the motor to a boil and you would instantly fall in love with the note it makes and would end up being addicted to it. The petrol motor in the Discovery is the same that does duty in the Jaguar F-Type V6, except that the state of tune is different.

Step on the throttle and the way this two-storey SUV starts moving linearly is impressive. Move past the lower revs and cross 4,500rpm, the exhaust note gets a lot sweeter. All the Discovery craves for is an empty patch where you can truly experience the full potential of the motor with the V6 screaming all the way to 6,500rpm. On the expressway, the Disco’ can effortlessly cruise at higher than usual triple digit speeds. We managed to make the Discovery reach the 100kmph mark in 8.1s. The kickdown at higher speeds is truly impressive and does come in handy during overtaking maneuvers. Supporting the motor is the lightweight 8-speed automatic transmission which helps unleash the maximum out of the motor with extremely precise and quick shifts.

Land Rover Discovery Driving

It’s still not a light car by any means, and it’s bulk really shows around bends. Attack corners a bit fast, and there’s a disconcerting amount of body roll. You also get a fair bit of understeer, with lots of protesting from the tyres. But let’s be honest, this is not a car that’s been designed to be hurried into bends. Bring it down to a reasonable speed, and the Disco steers with precision and confidence, with a well-weighted steering feel to boot.

Air suspension is offered as standard on all variants of the Discovery except the base diesel. Now thanks to this, we expected the ride to be supremely plush at all times, but unfortunately that’s not the case. At speeds of 60-70kmph, it handles short, sharp bumps really well, with almost nothing being felt in the cabin. But slower or faster than that, and you can feel a bit of thudding transmitting through the suspension. Over larger bumps such as speed breakers, the suspension does feel pliant enough, but it just doesn’t seem to settle back quickly enough into a steady attitude. This slightly unsettled feeling is a lot more apparent over rumbly road surfaces, such as the Mumbai-Pune Expressway, where we could feel a mild, yet constant bobbing at highway speeds.

Land Rover Discovery Safety

The Land Rover Discovery features really good brakes with one of the best braking systems that allows safe and sound sudden halts, also housing a lot of safety features, like Electronic air suspension Stop/Start technology, Hill Descent Control (HDC) Anti-lock Braking System (ABS), Electric Power Assisted Steering (EPAS), Electronic Traction Control (ETC), Hill Start Assist, Dynamic Stability Control (DSC), Roll Stability Control (RSC), Electric Parking Brake (EPB), Emergency Brake Assist (EBA ), Electronic Brake-Force Distribution (EBD), Gradient Acceleration Control (GAC), front side impact airbags, side curtain airbags and a trip computer. All these features are not available in the basic variants. These safety features are enough to keep you and your family safe and sound.

Land Rover Discovery Cost in Chennai

Land Rover Discovery On Road Price is 91,18,418/- and Ex-showroom Price is 75,83,700/- in Chennai. Land Rover Discovery comes in 10 colours, namely Fuji White,Baltic Blue,Firenze Red,Indus Silver,Nara Bronze,Bali Blue,Siberian Silver,Ipanema Sand,Marmaris Teal,Santorini Black. Land Rover Discovery comes with AWD with 2995 CC Displacement and 6 Cylinders with Maximum Power 335 bhp@6500 rpm and Peak Torque 450 Nm@3500-5000 rpm DRIVE TRAIN AWD and reaches 100 KMPH at 7.1 seconds . Land Rover Discovery comes with Automatic Transmission with AWD .

Land Rover Discovery Final Thought

What really impressed us about the new Discovery that it is not just an improved iteration but is now closer to the flagship Range Rover. The new-age Discovery comes loaded with tech to spoil you with convenience as well as keep you safe with features like adaptive cruise control, lane keep assist and driver condition monitoring. However, it is the supercharged V6 that keeps you going. And that is what I am going to do till Land Rover guys come and snatch the keys away from me.

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