Importance of HTML Microdata in SEO

Importance of HTML Microdata in SEO


Why Microdata

The Microdata specification provides a standardized syntax for additional semantic markup to your web pages to enhance the machine readability of your web pages. It’s purpose isn’t to make a new widget appear on your web page but to help automated programs like all search engines understand and better handle the content of your web pages. HTML5 microdata allows you at add structured markup to any HTML element that is bot-readable, standardized and won’t cause any problems with browsers that don’t support it. Microdata defines five HTML attributes that can be applied to any HTML5 tag. Most developers will only ever use

1. itemscope – Indicates the element is a Microdata element and its child elements are part of its microdata format.

2. itemtype – Defines the vocabulary to be used by the microdata format

3. Itemid – The unique identifier of the item, if defined by the microdata vocabulary.

4. Itemprop – An individual data element. 5. Itemref – Allows a microdata element to reference another element on the page to define it by either HTML id or by itemid. ( Note: Itemmid, Itemprop and Itemref aren’t needed in most cases)

Basic Microdata Format

The most immediate benefit for web developers is to use the microdata formats are to provide Google’s crawlers to feed better, richer data to Google. Its as simple – the better Google understands your organization, the richer Google’s search results will be for your site.

Breadcrumbs – Defines where a given page is in the overall structure of a site. Businesses and Organizations – Defines corporate structure and related contact information. Events – Calendar data. Product Information – Defines product catalog data. People – Information about people including contact information. Recipes – Defines a cooking recipe, nutrition values, ingredients and instructions. Reviews and ratings – A common interchange format describing reviews and ratings.

How google evaluates microdata

Update your Contact page for effective result

Every business web site has a contact us page, The main purpose of contact us page is to tell your visitors the ways to get in touch with you, other important reason is tell search bots what business you belong to, what tmings you are available and where exactly to plot in the map and any other information that helps it put your business in context. It’s really very important to mark up this information in your page itself to insure the right data goes in the right fields. with following style

Example of Code:

This example creates a big list with a nested list for each item on the page, each with all of the property names used in that item.

var outer = document.createElement(‘ul’); var items = document.getItems(); for (var item = 0; item < items.length; item += 1) { var itemLi = document.createElement(‘li’); var inner = document.createElement(‘ul’); for (var name = 0; name < items[item].properties.names.length; name += 1) { var propLi = document.createElement(‘li’); propLi.appendChild(document.createTextNode(items[item].properties.names[name])); inner.appendChild(propLi); } itemLi.appendChild(inner); outer.appendChild(itemLi); } document.body.appendChild(outer); If faced with the following from an earlier example:

Web Designing In Hyderabad

Hyderabad is capital city of telangana and fifth largest city in India charminar

This codewould result in the following output:

  1. Name
  2. Description of city
  3. Monument in city

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