How To Promote Your Content On The Right Social Media Platform

How To Promote Your Content On The Right Social Media Platform

The advent of the internet has given most marketers the much-needed ease to start a business. Any and all entrepreneurs who have a great business idea and a laptop from where they can manage their online business can start an online business almost instantly.

The Internet has also given rise to many social media platforms. Every business has limited time and resources; the real question is to understand how to devote the right resource and time to social media marketing.

It takes a lot of analysis and research, but this can save a lot of hours you spend on social media marketing.It helps you to use your resources and time in better ways. The main motive of this post is to educate you regarding various social media that will get you the best ROI according to your niche business. Check For Digital Marketing Companies in Vivid Digital 

From Instagram to Snapchat, find out which Social media platform is the best for your business.

1. Snapchat

60% of Snapchat users in the US are under the age of 24 and have more than 100 million users consuming 30 minutes of content every day.

Companies can use Snapchat to create unique video content, release behind the scene footage, new collections, or release interview with prominent celebrities. As Snapchat attracts users on FOMO effect which is why people would surely watch the content and become loyal to your website. Snapchat is a goldmine for brands that are targeting the Millennials.

Best suitable for: Restaurants, Clothing, Furniture and Beauty Products.

2. Instagram

With 700 million users on the app and 59% of those users checking the app every single day, it’s no doubt that Instagram has a massive reach.

With the latest algorithm change in Instagram, users no longer view content in chronological order instead Instagram has determined an algorithm which decides the order of the posts to be displayed. This update takes away the control from the company and makes it hard to determine who will be exposed to your content. Instagram also does not have any clickable link in the description, making it impossible to bring customers to the website from the app.

Instagram can be best used for brand building platform if you have a decent following and can post beautiful images and videos regarding your product or service. In case you plan to use Instagram as a marketing tool, you will need an innovative plan to capitalize the half-billion user base.

Best suitable for: Clothing, Furniture, Gifts, Restaurants and Beauty Products.

3. Facebook

American women and men between the ages of 25 – 54 makeup 32% and 29% of Facebook users respectively. And only 9% of users are between the ages of 18 – 24.

Facebook has been widely popular for companies that target customers under the age of 24 years; the most effective use of company time is to create a company page on Facebook. As this helps in creating a presence of the company on social media platforms, provide complete contact information to reach maximum customers. For SEO Agency in London visit here

Best suitable for: Clothing, Furniture, Beauty Products, Electronics, Digital products, Gifts, Grocery, Restaurants, Medicine, Fitness, and Cookbooks/Recipes.

4. Pinterest

42% of online women are Pinterest users. 34% of users are between the ages of 18 – 29 and 28% are 30 – 49, which creates a wide demographic of women who can be reached on this platform.

If a company is planning to market and sell products like Fashion, Art, Home Décor, Food, or Anything that can be marketed by a beautiful image, then Pinterest is the best option. Pinterest also allows customers to buy products directly with its buy button, making it easier than ever to purchase a product online.

Best suitable for: Clothing, Art, Furniture, Food


Staying updated with the ever-changing social media landscape is a tedious yet vital task that would get fruitful results in future. Finding the perfect social media platform for your business where you can allocate all your resources and time. Finding the perfect few platforms is better than investing time on all social media platform and not getting any results.

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