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Monthly Archives: March 2016

Importance of HTML Microdata in SEO

Why Microdata The Microdata specification provides a standardized syntax for additional semantic markup to your web pages to enhance the machine readability of your web pages. It’s purpose isn’t to make a new widget appear on your web page but to help automated programs like all search engines understand and…

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Author | admin Comments | 0 Date | March 12, 2016

Web Design is not only Designing a Pretty Website but to get Leads Is more Crucial

1.Firstly Create user friendly Design   The term user-friendly seems self-explanatory. And by the most simplistic definition, it is. When something is user-friendly, it is easily workable and accessible to others. However, there is much more to the term user-friendly than you may think. Understanding this and applying the following concepts to your website will…

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Author | admin Comments | 0 Date | March 5, 2016